Re: Agenda for Washington

Simon Spero <> Sun, 22 November 1992 03:17 UTC

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From: Simon Spero <> (Alan Emtage) writes:

[meta-note: I think I've fallen off the iafa list - could you add me?]
>[Simon Spero writes:]
>> >5) Other business
>> There's a couple of items I'd like to bring up: 
>> 1: A co-ordinated plan to IAFAfy  existing stuff, so it only gets done once
>That's a good idea... although my first impression is that its
>reminiscent to opening the Gates of Hell :-)

As it turned out there wasn't too much trouble with this. We took a collection
of names and email addresses at the meeting, which Peter now has. 

I was going to set up a new mailing list to carry the completed templates,
and use the existing lists for meta discussions. I guess that not every one
wants to be bombarded with a squillion templates- if I'm wrong, mail me,
and I'll just use this list.

We still  need people to help with cataloging- you can mail in your pledge 
right now; we've got some great premiums for people who send in templates.
Call now and you could recieve a sunsite T-shirt, a night out with Peter
Deutch, and much much less. It's your pledges that make these services possible.

We're going to start the great IAFAcation on SunSITE next week- we're going to
do our best to follow the Anglo-American cataloging rules, and to use the 
Library of Congress subject headings and vocabulary. We'd really like to 
hear more about what your plans are.