Re: Keeping in step with URCs

Renato Iannella <> Mon, 29 January 1996 04:02 UTC

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Jon Knight <>; wrote:
> It would be great to compare notes with other groups that look after 
> large collections of Internet resource descriptions, in whatever format 
> they're currently using.  Ideally this would give us an idea as to 
> whether its feasible to devise a minimal "lowest common denominator" URC 
> format.  We'd like to have some hard figures before we suggest anything 
> formally to the group.  It would also be interesting to compare these 
> results to the Dublin Core elements.

Jon, we have implemented a URC service based on
the Dublin Core Metadata set.
With some small modifications, we found Dublin Core
to be a good base to describe document-like objects.
We currently tested it with about 50 technical reports.

The URN Interoperability Project at:
shows our work. We have been cooperating with the
Centre for Earth Observation and their URC service
(which uses IAFA)

We also developed an internal library system (to catalogue
our books and journals) and used Dublin Core.

Cheers... Renato
Dr Renato Iannella        
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