Agenda for Washington

Alan Emtage <> Sat, 07 November 1992 19:45 UTC

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Subject: Agenda for Washington

Hello all,
	Here's the proposed agenda for the Washington IETF in a week.
It's not carved in stone, so any additions would be welcome. Just send
them along. This is also being cross-posted to related groups.


	IETF Internet Anonymous FTP Archives Working group

Co-chairs: Peter Deutsch (
	   Alan Emtage   (

1) Minutes of last meeting (bring everyone up to speed).

2) Review on April Marine's draft IAFA User's Document

3) Final review of the drafts of IAFA Site Administrator's documents
   before sending them up to ID status.

4) Other developments since last IETF
	- Liason with newly formed working groups (IIIR, NIR, URI)
	- What liason should be considered with the FTP extensions work
	- Interface with library community

5) Other business



+1 (514) 398-8117