Re: FTP or ftp, mailing lists?

April Marine <> Tue, 17 November 1992 00:10 UTC

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>No but the DOCUMENTATIOn convention is to capitialize the actual commands 
>to make them stand out fromthe surrousing text without including quotes that 
>some users might well type in.

This is the very reason I think this doc should be issued in a parallel
postscript version--so that the various elements can be more clearly

However, in the text version, I favor the commands being in lowercase
and the name of the protocol/program in upppercase, with some other
convension used to show clearly when we are talking about commands.
Which is why sometimes the doc has "ftp" and sometimes "FTP", although
there may be times I'm inconsistent myself in using the right version.

Thanks to everyone who sent more comments.  I'm going to wait till after
the WG mtg this week before taking any more action on the thing.