Re: IAFA documents

Aydin Edguer <> Tue, 17 August 1993 22:26 UTC

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Subject: Re: IAFA documents
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 93 17:00:47 EDT
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>       (1) Files that may contain multiple instances of a given category
>           (a set of mailing lists, for example) will be divided into
>           records and each record containing multiple fields.
>       (2) No indexing file under this scheme may contain more than one
> 	  record (as defined above).

Excuse me, but could someone explain the reasoning behind this limitation?
I can understand why one might would want to limit a file to a single
Template-Type, I fail to see why it should be limited to one record.

The alternate method for naming indexing files may prove popular on ISO
CD-ROMs containing archives.  The limitation of one record per file seems

Thank you,
Aydin Edguer