Re: Some non-expert additions to the proposed Internet Draft

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--> There is archie service available (telnet, 
--> login as archie) containing lists of files from about
--> 1000 sites and allowing both on-line and via e-mail
--> searches.
*** But note that archie is not a production service and
*** systematically ignores some sites.

Other FTP Commands


  - You may transfer multiple files at the same time.  To set this
    mode, type "mget."  You then supply a file name pattern that
---->					better: pattern(s)
*** disagree
*** paragraph break, then:
----> The default usually is that ftp asks for each file if it
***              on BSD UNIX derived systems 
----> should be transfered. You can avoid that using prompt command

----> - On UN*X machines you can suspend ftp session with ^Z and put
***        such 
---->  transfer into background or examine the beginning of transmitted
---->  before it. E.g. you may look into even not fuuly transmitted .tar.Z
---->  files with: zcat file.tar.Z|tar tf -|more.
----> /* maybe this is too detailed */
<<"apply the normal tool to the result"???  Lost me>>
----> Could be: apply a tool apropriate to the xyz ending (e.g. .Z).
not acutall ytoe a shar/vms_share file.