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Martijn Koster <m.koster@nexor.co.uk> Tue, 06 December 1994 21:59 UTC

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Subject: Handling of #
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From: Martijn Koster <m.koster@nexor.co.uk>
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I just noticed that the current draft still uses '#' in
a way different from the shell/perl etc. According to:

	Some data elements may be for internal use to the site
	administrator only, and are to be ignored by automated
	indexing. These field names must start with the hash charac- ter
	"#". All other rules for line continuation remain the same.

something like:

	# here is an index file..

is actually illegal, as it isn't a field at all. Is anyone in favour
of this? I much prefer the simple and standard "ignore any line
starting with '#'" behaviour, which allows for general comments.

Any comments?

-- Martijn
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