Re: new iafa draft

Larry Masinter <> Fri, 12 January 1996 02:24 UTC

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From: Larry Masinter <>
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>   Incidently when the URI group was split I read that Stu Weibel was
>   charged with administering a group that would look into metadata
>   encoding. Later I read from Stu that he simply wanted to make a 
>   draft. Does anybody know what became out of that? 

There are two groups:

The URC met as a BOF at the last IETF, and will be a working group.
They're discussing a formal charter now, but it concentrates on the
syntax and structure of metadata representations, not a standard set
of attributes.

Stu Weibel, however, is working on a recommendation for a standard set
of metadata which might be used by all Internet resources, including
that stored in FTP archives.