Re: proposal for subjects in subject tree

"Billy Barron, VAX/Unix Systems Manager" <> Tue, 01 December 1992 00:55 UTC

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>then in fact only the top level of the tree will be different,
>perhaps all the bottom trees will be in common.
>The tree will have two roots. Its only when you have to
>uniquely number the things that you force a single subject tree.
I see the problem as being that most of our maintainer (SEPAs) will have items
like Biology.  If one group has Unecso and another LCC, then inside Biology
will not fit one or both of those systems...  Maybe we don't care, but many
librarians will.  Also, the low levels may not be the same.  For example, one
system might have "literature, 20th century by author" and the other has
"literature, country by author".

Billy Barron, VAX/UNIX Systems Manager, University of North Texas, billy@untvax.bitnet, THENET: NTVAX::BILLY