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[ you wrote: ]
> Folks,
> Today is the final date to submit minutes for the November Proceedings.
> Minutes received after today, will be placed in the remote directories,
> but will not be included in the Proceedings.  Please Note:  The summaries
> you submitted to your Area Directors were not intended to serve as
> the Minutes and will not be counted as such.  Below is the current
> status of the Working Group/BOF Minutes.

Yikes! But by my clock it's still only 11:49 pm, so I'm
not late!?!?  =8-0

> Minutes not yet received as of 12noon 12/21/92 (CUT-OFF Date)
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> Internet Anonymous FTP Archives (iafa) - Peter Deutsch/Alan Emtage

AAIIIEEEE!!!!! I let it slip!!! I'm A PUTZ!!!!

Hi Megan,

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa... 

It's been madness as we prepare for our move to our very own premises
next week. On top of everything else, Alan (that lazy swine) had the
temerity to head off for holidays in Barbados, leaving me here waiting
for snow in Montreal!  You can imagine how put-upon I feel...

Anyways, I apologize, will whip myself a thousand times with a wet
noddle and hope this is not too late to make it in... :-(

				- peterd (the guilt-ridden one)

P.S. I'll CC this to the IAFA list, so I don't have to remember
anything else tonight, and my apologies to the list for the delay.....


24rd IETF       Internet Anonymous FTP Archives Working Group          Minutes
Washington                         (IAFA-WG)                    Nov. 16,  1992

Co-Chairs:  Peter Deutsch                                   
            Alan Emtage


1)  The Minutes of the Boston meeting were accepted as read.

2) A draft of April Marine's IAFA User's Document was reviewed. There
    was some discussion about the need for coordinating changes to
    this document if IAFA were to close, which led in turn to a
    discussion about whether such additional work should be done
    through IAFA or returned to the Use Services Working Group. It was
    decided that it was not desirable to continue IAFA if its
    principal work on the IAFA documents was completed. it was agreed
    that if it was decided by the end of the meeting that IAFA's
    primary work on the Site Administrators' documents is done, then
    future editing of the User Document should be done in the User
    Services Working Group at the next IETF.

3) A final discussion was made on the two part Site Administrator's
    Draft Documents. A number of minor changes were proposed, including
    the need to spell out that such template items as Mailing List
    support free form text, that server types can include LISTSERV or
    MAILBASE and that mailing lists can be OPEN. CLOSED or PRIVATE.

    It was also agreed that we should include a specific citation
    of the privacy and accuracy policies RFC in these documents. 

    It was agreed that we should have an "X-field" to allow users to
    add experimental fields. These could be ignored by automatic
    indexing software or treated as they saw fit. It was also
    suggested that we include a "See-Also" field.

    It was also agreed that we could beef up the "reasonable
    practices" field in the documents to include more specific
    recommendations about what a new site admin should know about
    running a site. Examples suggested include:

	- Use descriptive filenames on newly created files
	- Don't arbitrarily change filenames copied from other sites
	- Update README files regularly, to ensure users get current
	  (and valid) information.

    Alan Emtage will coordinate making these last recommended changes
    in the final draft and circulate to the list as soon as possible.
    Once this is done, the two drafts will be submitted to the RFC
    editor for advancement to draft status.

4) Some discussion was held about coordinating the implementation of
   IAFA templates across the Internet. Volunteers were sought to help
    coordinate an "implementation phase" in which sites were
    encouraged to install IAFA templates describing their anonymous
    FTp archive's contents.

    Several possible avenues for promoting the use of the IAFA
    templates were suggested, including approaching the moderators of
    appropriate source-distribution Usenet newsgroups, plus the
    moderators of prominent archive sites, to persuade them to request
    the use of IAFA templates for future submissions. In addition, it
    was agreed that those involved in the implementation phase should
    coordinate closely with those working on other projects or
    information delivery schemes, including Gopher, TopNode and others.

    Several people volunteered to help with a cataloguing effort and
    once the final editing copy goes to draft status a mailing list
    will be set up at to coordinate the authoring and
    caching of completed templates for the most popular packages
    already on the net. Volunteers to work on this effort will be
    sought both through the IAFA working group and throughs such
    avenues as comp.archives.admin and other archive-related

    The following have volunteered their sites to act as repositories
    for completed templates:

		- Paul Holbrook	(
		- Laura Kelleher (
		- Mitra (
		- Simon Spero (

5)  New Business: The possibility for liaison work with other groups was
    discussed briefly (including the new IIIR, NIR, URI Working Groups
    at the IETF and the library community through such efforts as
    TopNode, etc) but it was agreed that IAFA has already fulfilled its
    charter and should leave such work to other working groups. Given
    the successful completion of the Site Admin documents, it was
    voted to close the working group after this meeting. The mailing
    list and archive will continue while the documents advance through
    the draft stage and the co-chairs will help coordinate the
    implementation recommendations outlined above.

    The Working Group was declared closed and the meeting adjourned to
    the bar...


Minutes prepared by:		Peter Deutsch (
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