Prototype IAFA template editor

Jon Knight <> Wed, 14 June 1995 13:47 UTC

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From: Jon Knight <>
Subject: Prototype IAFA template editor
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As part of the ROADS project <URL:> I've
produced a WWW based template creation/editing tool.  This is a Perl CGI
script that allows you to easily create IAFA templates from a set of
outlines stored on the system and edit IAFA templates that already exist
on your machine if you know their handles.  This script is part of an
ongoing development but I thought I'd throw it open to the IAFA WG for
your comments and criticisms (and also because I haven't seen many
template creation tools flying about). 

You can give it a test drive by pointing a FORMs capable WWW browser at
<URL:>.  The basic script and
its support files are available from
<URL:> in case you want to
install them on your own machine.  Note that this is an alpha release of
the software so there isn't an installation script yet - read the README
file in the distribution to see what to edit to get things going.

I look forward to hearing any comments and/or suggestions that the group 
may have about this.  This editor is going to be a part of a larger WWW 
based template management system and is being actively developed so any 
feedback is likely to get incorporated into the system.



Jon Knight, Researcher, Sysop and General Dogsbody, Department of Computer
Studies, Loughborough University of Technology, Leics., ENGLAND.  LE11 3TU.
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