A Plea

Sally Hambridge <sallyh@ludwig.intel.com> Mon, 26 September 1994 23:39 UTC

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From: Sally Hambridge <sallyh@ludwig.intel.com>
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To: iafa@cc.mcgill.ca
Subject: A Plea

As long as there is still revision goin in to the IAFA draft, could
I enter a plea?  Please please please consider asking people to
represent the names of individuals and institutions in an order
that will sort nicely?

Author: James Doe

is not a representation which will sort consistently arcoss all the
variants of names which exist.  Since people can conceivably ask
to have items sorted by name, it might be wise to ask for names
to be entered in the order in which they can be parsed for sorting.

Although the URC draft is still in flux, it is our intention to do
this in URC's and I would like to see some consistency in the
way we ask folks to represent names.

I DO NOT recommend a large "cataloging" tome, but asking for names
to be represented in the preferred sorting order is reasonable.

Author: Doe, James
Author: Stanford University

Sally Hambridge