agenda for NISI meeting Sat, 07 November 1992 21:25 UTC

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Subject: agenda for NISI meeting

Pardon the inevitable duplication. Since Alan just cross-posted
the IAFA agenda I thought I'd clutter up your mailboxes too. (8-]
 - Pat

Network Information Services Infrastructure
Planning/Agenda for upcoming meeting in Washington, 

My personal goal for the upcoming IETF/NISI meeting 
is just to get something done which means we need 
volunteers and people responding to the mailing 
list. Please take time to read on:

The NISI participants need to decide at the 
upcoming meeting what our short-term goals are 
going to be. Two items at the top of the heap are:

1. E-Mail Interface for NIC Profiles

The mail server to this now exists and can be 
accessed by sending mail to "".edu".
Put "help" in the Subject: line and you'll get 
information back.

If this is going to be a viable collection someone 
must put time/energy into soliciting participation 
from nics around the world. Are we going commit the 
energy and people resources to do it? If so, we 
need volunteers and a timetable.

2. Net Help

At the last meeting we got this down to a prototype

  NETHELP answers questions about ``the network''.

  You are on X-Net.  X-Net is part of the worldwide Internet,
  thus providing you with access to a myriad of resources.

  Your local contact for help is:

  For system help:                  For network information:

   Name:                              Name:
   Phone Number:                      Phone Number:
   E-mail:                            E-mail:


The following were supposed to happen on the list 
before the next meeting:

   o Develop the nethelp template/screen on the mailing list.

   o Write the document.  Poll the mailing list regarding 
whether it should have a section discussing implementation 
strategies (and to get a volunteer to write it :-).

   o Review the goals and milestones and revise if necessary.

   o Start discussing the next phase of nethelp and what that 
more extensive utility will feature.

Well, so, ok .... nothing has happened. I think 
there's no doubt that everyone is very busy with 
our *real* jobs (as in "paycheck") and it is 
difficult to squeeze in extra stuff like IETF. 
Myself included.

I propose we pick up where we left off at the last 
meeting and get firm plans/people/deadlines in 
place to handle the immediate issues mentioned 
above. Once that is done we can move to the future, 
including the next phase of nethelp which (if I 
know this group) will involve a fun-filled, lively, 
no-holds-barred discussion.

I will be at SIGUCCS next week but in touch via e-
mail. I hope there will be some response from the 
hinterlands (no, that's wrong ... *I* will be in 
the hinterlands (Cleveland)). Anyway, PLEASE 
RESPOND to and voice your opinion. I 
*know* you all have opinions!
Thanking you in advance for your participation ... 

 - Pat