Alan's draft document

Rebecca Guenther <> Thu, 01 July 1993 15:44 UTC

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From: Rebecca Guenther <>
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Subject: Alan's draft document

I have a few comments/questions about Alan's Internet draft entitled
"Publishing Information on the Internet with Anonymous FTP". 

Library-Catalog-v (under 3.8.2): It is unclear to me what type of data this describes.
Do you mean a library classification number? I assume that is what you
mean. There is a distinction between cataloging data and classification
data in the library world: cataloging generally deals with description,
and classification places the work hierarchically within a scheme that
is generally organized by subject area.

Format: If an object is available in various formats from different
locations, will the same intellectual object be given a record for
each the title at each location? What if the archive stores all the
objects in a given format in one directory, and those in another format
in another directory? Will these be included on the same record or
different ones? In other words, what will determine a separate record?

Size: In example 1, size is given as "13 pages". Is this an error and
it was intended to use bytes? Or is size defined as something physical
like pages? (or is the definition rather loose?)

Latitude-Longitude: Why is this data important in these types of

Source (under 3.8.2): I don't see any examples of this and I'm not
sure what you mean by this.

I'd probably have more questions if I had a little more time to study
the document. I plan to take it and try to map the data elements to
MARC. For those that don't exist, we would want to create fields for
them, when it comes time to submit a proposal for MARC changes to
accommodate networked information resources.
Rebecca Guenther
LC, Network Development and MARC Standards Office