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Subject: Re: Sorting names

I know, nobody knows that I'm even on this list. Not to worry, just a
minor comment:

>>>>> "SH" == Sally Hambridge <>; writes:

SH> The draft states that the templates are meant to be machine 
SH> parse-able.  I submit that names in Fist M. Last, Jr order *ARE
SH> NOT* parse-able.

This is substantiated (at least sort of) by BibTeX, which allows the
following possibilities, that can easily be parsed:

	First von Last
	von Last, First
	von Last, Jr, First

where "First", "Last", and "Jr" and possibily empty sets of tokens and
"von" is a possibly empty set of uncapitalized tokens. "Last" is
nonempty if any of them are. So
	Charles Louis Xavier Joseph de la Vallee Poussin
has four tokens in the First part, two in the von, two in the last and
an empty Jr.

The BibTeX supplementary docs state:
    You may always use the first form; you shouldn't if there's a
    "Jr" part, or the "Last" part has multiple tokens but there's
    no "von" part.

So either wording corresponding to these observations belongs in the
document, or input needs to be restricted to the third one, above,
since of course these things need to be sortable by name.

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