Re: IAFA templates: a user's comment

Thomas Krichel <> Fri, 24 March 1995 19:31 UTC

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Subject: Re: IAFA templates: a user's comment
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  Sally Hambridge writes:

> I think it's possible that a directory
> could contain files which are not part of a multiple set.  

 To give a real life example, here is an extract from

"Lines of Credit and Relationship Lendings in Small Firm Finance"
    Allen N. Berger and Gregory F. Udell

DOC02A   WP5   145368  4-12-94  2:23p             WordPerfect, main text
DOC02B   WP5    35137  4-12-94  2:24p             WordPerfect, References 
DOC02C   WP5    21293  4-12-94  2:25p             WordPerfect, Table 1
DOC02D   WP5    17695  4-12-94  2:25p             WordPerfect, Table 2
DOC02E   WP5    17388  4-12-94  2:26p             WordPerfect, Table 3
DOC02F   WP5    17364  4-12-94  2:27p             WordPerfect, Table 4
DOC02G   WP5    17367  4-12-94  2:27p             WordPerfect, Table 5
DOC02H   WP5    17805  4-12-94  2:28p             WordPerfect, Table 6
DOC02I   WP5    17926  4-12-94  2:28p             WordPerfect, Table 7

DOC02A   PS    145368  4-12-94  2:23p             Postscript, main text
DOC02B   PS     35137  4-12-94  2:24p             Postscript, References 
DOC02C   PS     21293  4-12-94  2:25p             Postscript, Table 1
DOC02D   PS     17695  4-12-94  2:25p             Postscript, Table 2
DOC02E   PS     17388  4-12-94  2:26p             Postscript, Table 3
DOC02F   PS     17364  4-12-94  2:27p             Postscript, Table 4
DOC02G   PS     17367  4-12-94  2:27p             Postscript, Table 5
DOC02H   PS     17805  4-12-94  2:28p             Postscript, Table 6
DOC02I   PS     17926  4-12-94  2:28p             Postscript, Table 7

DOC02    ZIP    56955  4-12-94  2:37p             WordPerfect Zipped
DOC02PS  ZIP    79838  4-12-94  2:40p             Postscript Zipped

  Here the ^M at the end of the line identify the person that made the
  archive as a DOC user. Therefore (s)he dos zipped the files. For
  somebody who has not a dos box or somebody who has no idea how to use
  zip it would be kind of inconvenient to get the zipped stuff. So 
  we need to give this user the different PostScript files.

  I agree that this is a barmy way to make an archive, but the IAFA
  templates are templates, surely not archive administrator education

  Martijn writes:

> I suppose it could refer to multiple files by pointing to a directory?

  The documents in that directory go from #01 to #15. Surely you would
  wish to consider each of the papers as a different resource?
  I am sorry to appear pedantic, but I think that the example illustrates
  well the kind of problems that creep up out there. 

  Thomas Krichel