Re: multipart objects - directories

Alan Emtage <> Thu, 30 June 1994 07:04 UTC

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To: Martijn Koster <>, Markus Stumpf <>
Subject: Re: multipart objects - directories

Hi Martijn,

> > just had a quick look at "draft-ietf-iafa-publishing-01.txt" 
> > and most of the typos and formatting problems I'd sent in are
> > still there, and none of the proposals I'd made are in :((
> FYI, I just found out that draft-ietf-iafa-publishing-01.txt is no more,
> and has been replaced by draft-ietf-iiir-publishing-01.txt.
> I also noticed that draft-ietf-iafa-templates-00.txt has been expired
> since March 1, 1994.

Correct... this happened while I was away and I should have reposted the
IETF announcement on this list but I didn't :-(

Since the only thing holding up the closure of the IAFA group were the
two documents "publishing" and "templates" we (the Chairs and Area
Directors) decided to close the group and move it into IIIR (Integration
of Internet Information Resources) group which serves as an umbrella for
this kind of stuff.

> Alan, have you got any planned timelines for the near-term future of the
> IAFA templates effort? 

Actually Martijn, I've been working on more template stuff than I care to
think about at this point in time. I have been working with a number of
publishers who are looking at getting their stuff up on the net and
they'd like it to be compatible with the IAFA stuff so I've been trying
to (a) rationalize it and (b) note turn IAFA into a MARC record. I think
any changes at this point will be to add a few more things (like the
directories) and clean up a few things and just get this puppy out the
door. Its safe to say at this point that nothing major will change.

My timeline for this (to coincide with other deadlines) is on or about
the 3rd week in July.


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