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Martijn Koster <> Mon, 28 March 1994 16:46 UTC

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From: Martijn Koster <>


I'm happy to see a new draft.

> As always, comments/suggetions welcomed.

Here are some initial comments:

In section 3.7.1 it says: "Template-Name: SITEINFO", which I assume should
be "Template-Type".

In section 3.7.1 the the description mentions "Host-Name" and "Alias",
but the example uses "Name" and "Preferred-Name".

In 3.8.1 it is mentioned that handles are assumed to be unique. It
would be useful to specify in which domain they need to be unique:
in the same multi-record file, on the same server, world-wide?
I'm now using my full email address as a handle, which is pretty
unique world-wide, but it is a bit weird.

There seems to be a slight inconsistency in the word "timezone"; it
is spelt as one word in some places, and as two in other places.

Things I'd like to see in the draft:

- a described way for multi-lateral extension of the templates
  e.g. "X-favourite-fruit: banana"
  this would make it easier to extend the templates.

- a way to insert comments, for information to the index maintainer only.
  e.g. "# this service should be checked next time..."

Would these be useful additions?

-- Martijn
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