Re: Whois++ status?

Martijn Koster <> Fri, 20 January 1995 09:42 UTC

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Brian Call wrote on ietf-asid:

> Great!  But I'm wondering about the references to IAFA templates as
> well.  I can't seem to find these.  As far as I can tell, the IAFA
> group was closed in '92 and I don't know where the template work
> ended up. Can anybody fill me in here?

The template work ended up under the IIIR group, but is still
discussed on After a fairly inactive period some
further progress was made, and a new draft was published. It can be
found at the usual places, and

 site=United+Kingdom+%5BHTTP%5D >

Another amendment is currently being processed, and you can find
in various formats at <URL:
iafa/rfc/ >

These templates are used among others in ALIWEB 
<URL: >

-- Martijn
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