Question about IAFA file syntax

J Paul Holbrook <> Fri, 04 December 1992 15:33 UTC

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Subject: Question about IAFA file syntax
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 92 08:51:05 -0500
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From: J Paul Holbrook <>

I've been starting to try to create some IAFA- files for my FTP site.
I went down to to see if they'd done anything, since
Simon Spero mentioned at the IETF that they were going to try to get
moving on this.

The one IAFA file I could easily find was their IAFA-SITEINFO file.

Here's a small sample from that file:




Postal-Address: 310 Wilson Library CB# 3460  

Now, this file is dated Jul 92, so I know the draft IAFA docs have
changed since then.  But in the draft IAFA documents, it appears that
there are no blank lines between different fields, and further that
the only text in column 0 is the tags, as in this example from the

Organization:		Beyond All Recognition Foundation
Contact:		John Doe
Telephone:		+1 717 555 1212

So which is correct?  We have to have some consistency if we expect to
write simple tools to parse this stuff.

J. Paul Holbrook
CICNet Technical Services Manager    (313) 998-7680