Re: proposal for subjects in subject tree

"Billy Barron, VAX/Unix Systems Manager" <> Tue, 01 December 1992 01:27 UTC

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>Unesco Subject List(as proposed as a model for subject tree in gopher):
What's this?  I've never heard of it.

>I don`t say that I have them, I say that I`ll TRY to get
>them if we are able to reach a consensus about this list.
>(Which I think that we might get problems with.) I`m
>not to happy with the list, but I guess that is what we have to
>live with, and I rather feel a little uncomfortable working with
>a list that everybody have decided to use that seeing everybody
>doing their own implementation.
Yeah, this is a problem.  I wasn't happy with this list either.  Too many top
level items for one thing.  I've now seen 5 major camps so far:

1.  Library of Congress (LCC) - ANU, CICNet (probably), my library
2.  Dewey (DDC) - NASA STIS [non-gopher though]
3.  Universal Decimal (UDC) - which may be thrown out by its proponents due
      to lack of information here in the US - US Gopher people (switch to LCC?)
4.  Unesco - Eurogopher
5.  Make your own because all the library stuff stinks - various

>Would be nice to have a broad discussion about this.
After going around and around with people on this, I think that if we would get
the European, ANU and the US people together, we would be in good shape...
I've just about decided that all the methods have SERIOUS problems and that
none are really any better than any other.

Billy Barron, VAX/UNIX Systems Manager, University of North Texas, billy@untvax.bitnet, THENET: NTVAX::BILLY