Re: URCs and IAFA templates Wed, 19 October 1994 08:08 UTC

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Date: Wed, 19 Oct 1994 08:25:11 +0100
Subject: Re: URCs and IAFA templates

I too am confused about the differences between the URCs and IAFA templates
etc. I understood (from asking folk at past IETFs) that the work of the
"non-existant data-elements working group" fed in to the IAFA doc, and I
had assumed that the URC work would be based on that. I also assumed that
WHOIS++ would serve iafa-style templates. There does seem to have been some
divergence in detail (for example I believe the WHOIS++ continuation
character is a "+" whilst in IAFA templates it is white space).

Is the divergence necessary? Is it possible to align them whilst they are
still drafts?

I've just discovered that I dropped off the IAFA mailing list around the
turn of the year. I have some comments on the latest draft which I'll mail
to the iafa list.

-- Jill