SDRP Working Group

Tony Li <> Wed, 11 November 1992 00:29 UTC

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Subject: SDRP Working Group

Draft Charter for SDRP Working Group

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	Tony Li (

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Description of the Working Group:

The SDRP Working Group is chartered to specify, standardize and promote
the use of SDRP (Source Demand Routing Protocol) as an inter-domain
routing protocol capability in conjunction with IDRP and BGP
inter-domain routing protocols.  The purpose of SDRP (pronounced
``esdrip'', to go with ``eyedrip'', which is how IDRP is pronounced)
is to support source-initiated selection of inter-domain routes, to
complement the intermediate-node selection provided by BGP/IDRP.

SDRP development will deal with the following list of tasks and issues:
1. Packet forwarding and control message format and protocol for IP       
2. Configuration and Usage			    
3. MIBs
4. Information Distribution 
5. Extensions to BGP and IDRP (for example, adding SDRP path attribute
   and SDRP-connectivity server addresses)
6. Multicast support
7. Route setup support (for flows or VCs)
8. Mobile host support
9. Mixed protocol paths
10. Deployment

We will attempt to produce documents and prototypes according to the
following timeline: 
A. Standards Documents
1. SDRP v1 forwarding and control spec 		Jan93
2. MIB						March93
3. Usage and Configuration			March93
4. BGP/IDRP extensions				June93
5. Information distribution			June93

B. Prototypes
1. SDRP for IP v1 Prototype 			March93

C. Experimental Documents
1. Draft spec for information distribution 	Nov93
2. Draft spec of multicast 			Nov93
3. Draft spec for flows				Nov93

Related work, which is either currently research or outside of the
scope of the IETF:
1. Packet forwarding and control message format and protocol for IPv7.
2. Packet forwarding and control message format and protocol for OSI
3. Route Computation
5. Extensible encoding of policy and route information