Re: SDRP working group

Deborah Estrin <> Wed, 18 November 1992 05:25 UTC

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From: Deborah Estrin <>
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Subject: Re: SDRP working group

SDRP is a complete routing architecutre (well a piece of one). So far
we have only specified in detail one version of one part of that
architecture. We have ideas and sketches on the other parts but I dont
think any of us have said that we have all parts fully specified.

We do have some concrete suggestions for ways to begin on the other
parts of the routing protocol. These would be "version 1" of the other
parts of routing. Just like what we have now is version 1 of the
packet forwarding.

Noel, I did NOT say that the overal protocol should be called SDFP. I
said that the spec that we put out should be called the Packet
Forwarding and Control Message Specification.... Minor details...but
who can pronounce SDFP anyway...:}