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Please review and comment for correctness. The deadline for
comments is Nov 21, 2005.

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Date:    Tue, 08 Nov 2005 17:16:35 -0600
From:    David Ward <dward@cisco.com>
To:      <yakov@juniper.net>, <skh@nexthop.com>, David Ward <dward@cisco.com>
Subject: Notes from IDR IETF 64

Not much discussion this time ...


- -------------
0. Doc Status

a. new draft to be reissued for 4-octet AS
b. AS Confeds - implementation report submitted and spec will go as PS
c. GR - post AD comments to PS
d. RR - have IESG comments, revised draft sub. and back to editor
e. 1863 went to historic
f. ton of stuff on editor queue (all to be pub'ed as package vs individual
g. MPBGP, Cease notify at editor
h. a lot no progress (see slides) due to lack of implementation report

Pekka Savola: what is status of BGP MIB v2
YR: no implemenation report ... no progress

- -------------
1. as 4 octet commmunity - Rehkter
no slides 

Ext comm needs to be able to support 4 byte ASN ext comm

Existing doc removed language

New doc published for support (to not get in way of ext comm doc)

New doc produced via cut and paste protocol

It is currently individual submission

Could be WG doc but, it will sit until any implementations

Geoff Huston: It should be a WG draft

Take it to the list ... to be WG doc

1A. YR request from Tony Li to make AS hop count a WG document
sent to list and only got few replies asked room ... no concensus ... not WG
doc yet

- -------------
2. ORF groups - Hares

See slides  for structure of UPDATE

See slides for usage scenarios

Geoff Huston: You have small parts of a boolean language ... why not go all
the way?

Sue: We were told during the last two meetings that we should shrink back
the functionality

GH: Just add groups in groups and go for full boolean logic

We have had a lot of arguments/discussion on this topic and request more

GH: Can't determine beforehand how complex someone may want to get

Vach: What about other operands? E.g. "Not"

Need to see what you want or we are going full bore ...

Enke: If goal is to simplify config .. .but, ORF originally was not to
simplify config but, to improve performance. It is unclear how the config is

Sue: It is an effort to expand power of config

Kireeti: The language is not boolean complete

Rudiger: The language helps the pain w/ config

- -------------
3. Context AF - Ward

See slides

Yakov: Clarification if we need to have larger work in IETF

DWard: It is not dependent on that work and can work with existing

A document will be written that associates diffserv architecture to this

- -------------
4. Enke Chen - Extended Open Parameters

See slides
Problem ... we are running out of capability space

NAME? How does it work w/ ORF

Enke: It should work just fine. I don't understand.

- -------------
5. Chandra Appanna - Aggregate Withdraw

See slides

Ron Bonica: Does this have a mechanism to prevent WD another's routes

Chandra: That is implicit in the protocol

Ron: Can it be propagated?

Chandra: Not transitive

Yakov: Could be made transitive

Chandra: Yes but, we don't pass along WDs today and thus, the draft keeps

Yakov: Time to WD could be plugged in today w/o Aggregate WD

Chandra: This is much more convenient given the other positive attributes

Pekka; if using SBGP or soBGP would it require special processing?

Chandra: No but, haven't thought about it much

Yakov: Please make it transitive. If you use communities, it will be easily
transitive. Do we need the others?

- -------------
6. Gargi - Tunneling applications

see slides

Yakov: Connector attribute carries a shortand for the tunnel, not just the

Gargi: Yes

Yakov: It is even more than shortand but, a list of preferences for a set of

Gargi: Yes, there is nothing in the draft that prevents this from happening

Yakov: Most work going on in L3VPN but, IDR will oversee

- -------------
7. Gargi - Multicast signaling using BGP

see slides

No comments

Out of Time .......

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