Re: Question about STD format...

Ryan Moats <> Mon, 29 April 1996 15:02 UTC

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John S. Quarterman wrote:
> >Joyce-
> >
> >Not sure if this is the right place to bring this up, but I think it
> >might be so here goes...
> >
> >We are setting up a couple of Z39.50 1992 databases for things like the
> >RFC, FYI, STD series, the internet-drafts, etc.  I have discovered that
> >while I-Ds, RFCs, and FYIs have some document identification embedded
> >in them, the STDs don't.  The only consistent information is the
> >RFC number.  I have gone throguh and embedded the STD number in the
> >header a la the FYI series.  How do I go about getting these out
> >to the world?
> Since STD numbers refer at different times to different RFCs,
> wasn't the plan for STDs to have the current RFC number specified
> in a master document, rather than in the current RFC?
> Thanks,
> John

That may be true.  If so, it creates some difficulties for what we
are trying to do (sigh)...