New X.500 Anon FTP Directory Available

Ken Rossen <> Thu, 18 March 1993 23:09 UTC

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Subject: New X.500 Anon FTP Directory Available

Apologies for length and overlap between lists,
resulting in your receiving multiple copies of this
message -- all subsequent announcements will go to
"dssig" only.  I promise.

The OIW Directory Services Special Interest Group now
has an on-line archive available for anonymous FTP. 

Working documents, X.500 Defect Reports,
Implementors' Agreements as published by NIST, and
other goodies will all be available.

At present the archive is located at
( in pub/oiw/dssig.  THIS SERVER IS LIKELY
the list if you care.

All documents from the March OIW DS SIG meeting are either
on line in pub/oiw/dssig/1993-03, or have *.readme
files explaining their availability.  Documents
pertaining to our upcoming meeting in June will begin
trickling into the 1993-06 subdirectory presently.

Rather few documents from meetings prior to March
will be installed on line.  If you have special requests,
please advise.

Please direct any comments on this archive to me at
<>om>.  I have tried to put in as many README
files as are necessary to be helpful.

I welcome interest in shadowing this archive on other

The remainder this message is the file
pub/oiw/dssig/0-README of Thu Mar 18 16:18:18 EST 1993:

This is the archive of the OIW Directory Services SIG. 

Please refer to files 1-Intro-to-the-DS-SIG.{txt,ps}
for more information on the SIG.

As of this writing, this electronic archive contains working documents
of the DS SIG, X.500 Defect Reports and the Directory Implementors
Guide prepared by CCITT, and Proposed Draft International Standardized
Profiles (pdISPs) on the Directory standard.  Links are also maintained
here to the Working and Stable Implementors Agreements for Directory
Services, administered elsewhere on this server.

Details on each follow.

SIG Working Documents

SIG working documents are organized in subdirectories named for OIW
meeting dates.  For example, "pub/oiw/dssig/1992-12" is a subdirectory
which contains documents from the December 1992 OIW DS SIG meeting.

Within these subdirectories, the documents are named for their "DSSIG"
number (e.g., DSSIG 93-03-01 for document 1 from the March 1993
meeting), with a file extension chosen from the following:

.txt    for ASCII text documents
.ps     for PostScript documents
.fax    for CCITT G3 fax-compressed TIFF documents
.readme not the actual 

        documents, but additional instructions as 

        necessary for documents not available on line or 

        otherwise requiring further explanation.

Defect Reports and the Implementors Guide
Defect reports are maintained in the subdirectory
pub/oiw/dssig/DefectReports.  They are all compressed PostScript files
and are named by their defect report numbers.  See
DefectReports/README for more information.  The implementors guide is
also in this subdirectory.

Proposed Draft ISPs
pdISPs are accessible by links in this directory (pub/oiw/dssig) named
by the pdISP Taxonomy Identifiers (for example ADI12 for "DSA support
of Directory Access").  The links point to the most recent drafts of
these documents, which are in the SIG working document subdirectories.

For further information, join the DS SIG mailing list by sending a
message to

For even further information, contact the DS SIG Chair at, or at the address below.
KENR@SHL.COM    Chairman, OIW Directory Services SIG
Systemhouse     +1 617 661 7474 Ext. 307 (voice) 661 3038 (fax)