X.500 Catalog: Final Review

Christopher Walon Apple <capple@master.control.att.com> Wed, 10 July 1996 22:17 UTC

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Subject: X.500 Catalog: Final Review

Another revision of the X.500 Implementations Catalog
has been published as is available for review as
an Internet-Draft:


See <URL:http://www.ietf.org/> if you need information on
how to retrieve this Internet-Draft.

If your organization's X.500 implementation is described
in this document, please review it and provide comments
and/or changes directly to me by 7/24/96. My contact information
can be found at the bottom of this message or in the Internet-Draft
above. Please do not use the forms on the X.500 Catalog Website.

Comments not received by this date cannot be incorporated into the
Internet-Draft before it goes out for a Last Call (after this,
the document becomes an IETF RFC). I do not know what RFC number will
be assigned to the document. An RFC number should be assigned sometime
during the month of August.

Chris Apple
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