Re: (mobile-ip) IPv4 and IPv6

Dave Johnson <> Sun, 15 February 1998 18:06 UTC

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From: Dave Johnson <>
Subject: Re: (mobile-ip) IPv4 and IPv6
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 12:09:06 -0500
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Baher Esmat <> asked:

>Is there any document analyzing the differences between mobility support in
>IPv4 and IPv6????

To which Nicholas Albert Fikouras <> replied:

>I think that the document you are looking for is:
>If anybody knows any up to date documents, please email them to me also.

No, the draft-teraoka document does not describe the IETF Mobile IP
protocol for either IPv4 or IPv6.  It is instead an early proposal of
how the "VIP" protocol proposed by Sony could be adapted to support
mobility in IPv6.  VIP was originally proposed for mobility in
IPv4.  Although VIP is interesting in some ways and its design has
had some influence on the IETF Mobile IP work, it was not adopted
by the IETF for mobility support in IPv4 and has not been adopted
for IPv6 either.

For the specific question you asked -- is there any document that
analyzes the differences between Mobile IPv4 and Mobile IPv6 -- the
answer is currently "no".  The best document is the current IETF
specification for Mobile IP in IPv6:


A section in this document will contain a comparison between the
IPv4 and IPv6 protocols for Mobile IP, but I haven't written that
section yet (I'm working on it now, in fact).  For a description
of the IETF Mobile IP protocol for IPv4, the official specification
is in RFC 2002 (and the related RFCs 2003 through 2006).

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