Re: Someone pinch me

"Erik E. Fair" (Internet Architect) <> Thu, 15 September 1994 23:27 UTC

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There are big differences, Andy. Among other things, no ISP has a
geographical monopoly like the FidoNET net and regional coordinators do.
That madness leads to autocratic little dictators holding sway over
people with no alternatives, and a heck of a lot more acrimonious
politics. It's no wonder to me that the International FidoNet
Association (IFNA) self destructed.

On the Internet, we have competition. I do business with an individual
or multiple providers so long as they deliver value for my money. The
argument here in com-priv is over whether the CIX (an association of
these providers) shall be established for restraint of trade or not.

Just FYI, I'm the guy who created and asked Tim Pozar
to post FidoNews in it years ago, mostly so I could watch the goings on
in that community (for whatever picture of that FidoNews gives) without
having to actually use a Fido or Fido-compatible BBS. It has been
instructive to read over the years. It is also instructive to note what
Tom Jennings is doing now: working for/with The Little Garden, an ISP.

	Erik E. Fair	apple!fair