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Rum or N.e.w s+: 

Onco log,y M*e+d'. I*n-c_.  (OTC_: ONC.O) a Ca.ncer Tre*at.ment Solut.ion+s Gr+oup is s*a*i+d to h a v-e 

e_xp,erienced o*v,e r a 1000.% incre.a_se in rev -enues f*o'r t h+e fisc,al 3.r_d qua rter end*ing J.u l-y', 
2+0+0*7 compa*.red w*i,t.h t.h'e pri-or y.e,a_r wh'ile fisca-l fourt,h q uarter resul.ts f*o*r 2.0_0_7 a-r*e on
tr*ack to e xceed t.h-i,s y+ear’s thi.rd quarte_r res_ults. 

O'N-C,O a dditional_ly p+lans to i_ncr_ease servi.ce wh.ich a+r+e cu*rr*ently und e rway. 

Don-’t w+a-i_t f*o+r t.h+e n.e-w+s to c-o_m e o-u+t a n*d l-o*s e t_h e opportunit+_y to g.e-t in f+ront of the
ge*neral inv.est,ing pu+blic.  Onc,ol+ogy M-e_d is in a multib_i-llion ind ust-ry w.h+e_r,e 
t*h-e*y a-r,e gaini*ng m,arket shar.e rapidl-y. 

C_a.l*l y*o.u'r broke,r n.o w f-o*r O+N C'O'.