[Ieprep] Fw: WG Review: Recharter of Internet Emergency Preparedness (ieprep)

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Sam Hartman <hartmans-ietf@mit.edu> wrote on 11/02/2006 02:45:16 PM:

> >>>>> "ken" == ken carlberg <carlberg@g11.org.uk> writes:
>     ken> Sam, One of the objectives of the work produced by IEPREP was
>     ken> to lay down the ground work and put together a baseline set
>     ken> of requirements to start with when considering solutions.
>     ken> Our intention was that the baseline then becomes a starting
>     ken> point where more specific requirements can be put forth.
>     ken> Outside of this, solutions were definitely out of scope.
>     ken> My understanding is that there are others that now wish to
>     ken> present some more specific requirements and potential
>     ken> solutions that do not fall into the scope of other working
>     ken> groups.  So the proposed re-charter looks to be a natural
>     ken> extension to what has been done.
>     ken> Interestingly enough, the work that you mention below in your
>     ken> original posting...
>     ken> ... rfc-4542, rfc-4411, and draft
>     ken> -ietf-tsvwg-vpn-signal-preemption  (along with some other
>     ken> related work) has actually not been done in IEPREP because
>     ken> the group was not allowed to consider solutions.  Instead,
>     ken> some of the work has been pushed to TSVWG, to the groans and
>     ken> sometimes confusion of some of the participants of that
>     ken> group, who wondered what the subject of prioritization had to
>     ken> do with TSVWG.  Part
> I think the work you cite belongs in tsvwg.  AT least 4542 and
> vpn-signaling-preemption.
>     ken> of the revised charter is meant to
>     ken> remove this obstacle.
> Which work would be permitted under the revised charter that is
> currently udone elsewhere?  I may have more concerns about the revised
> charter than I thought I did.
>     ken> Also, as Scott Brimm has mentioned, there is a proposed
>     ken> liaison from the ITU to work with the IETF, with one of the
>     ken> working groups of interest being IEPREP.  It would seem
>     ken> odd to close down the group and punt the subject to them when
>     ken> they are approaching "us" for assistance  If IEPREP is
>     ken> closed, does that mean the subject gets pushed over to TSVWG?
> that rather depends on what question they're asking, now doesn't it?
> IF they're asking for enhancements to RSVP to deal with some ETS
> issues, then yes, I'd hope the work would be done in tsvwg.  That way,
> ETS requirements can be balanced against other requirements.  If they
> want to change SIP, I'd hope that it would go through sipping and
> eventually sip.
> If they want us to do non-protocol work closer to 4542, then perhaps
> we need a WG to do it in.
> --Sam
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