[Ietf-62] Re: IETF62 Wireless Network Update

Tim Chown <tjc@ecs.soton.ac.uk> Tue, 08 March 2005 13:07 UTC

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I have had fine connections since Saturday night in the lobby bar on ietf62
SSID.   But only in the lobby bar.

I haven't had connectivity upstairs on L3 expect a brief session this morning
where it came and went frequently.

I left Salon D at 5.40pm having had no connection all session.   I had
association, though the AP would drop periodically, and an IPv4 and IPv6
address, but could not see the IPv4 or IPv6 router with ping, i.e. for IPv4.

My mac is ether 00:0a:95:f4:c4:82.

I think my IPs have been (which is working now in the 
lobby although it didn't work on L3) and earlier.

I notice the problems significantly as an ssh punter.

BTW can't join ietf62-ipv6 at all, but see IPv6 on the ietf62 SSID.

Hoping for better in dnsop tonight :)


On Mon, Mar 07, 2005 at 06:33:01PM -0600, Jim Martin wrote:
> Gentlepeople,
> 	We just wanted to give everyone an update on the state of the 
> 	wireless network here at the Hilton. As most people noticed, we had severe 
> problems involving APs going away starting right around 9am when the 
> first meetings began. We identified and worked around the problem and 
> the APs have been up and reasonably solid since mid-morning.
> 	However, despite the APs staying up, we continued to see problems, 
> particularly on the 3rd floor.  Common symptoms were:
> 	- Long delays before receiving DHCP responses
> 	- Long first hop round trip times
> 	- Loss on the first hop (in the wireless domain)
> 	- Receiving a DHCP address, but still not having the ability to 
> contact the default router
> 	Moving forward, we've made several configuration changes which 
> 	should help matters, and we believe that most of the problems have been 
> resolved. Please (gently) let us know if you're still seeing major 
> problems. The 2.4G band (802.11b/g) is still pretty congested and has 
> some inherent issues in a situation like IETF meetings, so if you have 
> the option to use 802.11a, we'd suggest you do so.
> 	As always, any trouble reports or questions can be directed at 
> ietf-62@ietf.org.
> 	Again, our apologies for the frustration and annoyance this is 
> causing. Believe us, we want to get this to work just as much, if not 
> more, than you all do!
> 	- Jim
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