[Ietf-62] Re: IETF62 Wireless Network Update

Stephen Casner <casner@acm.org> Tue, 08 March 2005 13:08 UTC

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On Mon, 7 Mar 2005, Jim Martin wrote:

> Gentlepeople,
> 	We just wanted to give everyone an update on the state of the wireless
> network here at the Hilton. As most people noticed, we had severe
> problems involving APs going away starting right around 9am when the
> first meetings began. We identified and worked around the problem and
> the APs have been up and reasonably solid since mid-morning.

I observed this problem along with everyone else.  Then, in the first
afternoon session in Salon G, the first hop seemed not to be a
problem, but I repeatedly saw traceroutes fail at hop 4 or so.  Now, I
don't know whether routing was really broken, or some timing on the
local link just conspired to give the appearance that traceroute
failed on the 4h hop.  Then, in the second afternoon session, I
observed all the problems you mentioned:

> 	However, despite the APs staying up, we continued to see problems,
> particularly on the 3rd floor.  Common symptoms were:
> 	- Long delays before receiving DHCP responses
> 	- Long first hop round trip times
> 	- Loss on the first hop (in the wireless domain)
> 	- Receiving a DHCP address, but still not having the ability to
> contact the default router

Just minutes ago, when tried to bring up my laptop on the third floor
lobby near the restrooms, I again could not ping the first-hop router.
Then it was working, and while I was typing this message, lost it
again.  Then turn off and turn back on, and maybe I'll get this out...

I'm using 802.11b, a Cisco 340.

                                                        -- Steve

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