Re: empty quoted strings and other oddities

Bruce Lilly <> Thu, 03 October 2002 23:02 UTC

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Arnt Gulbrandsen wrote:

> Well, assume for the sake of argument that it's relevant. Is it also
> valuable enough to justify changing email after 25 years of production
> use, with a user base presumably in the hundreds of millions, using god
> knows how many thousands of different programs?
> I personally think this particular syntax wart should've been killed at
> birth... but now it's too late.
> Each extra syntax check involves writing at least one more test in the
> code, at least two more test cases to verify the code's correctness, some
> documentation and some (UI and documentation) translations. And then
> there's the (slightly) increased cost of learning the code for the
> subsequent maintainers, and the UI for the users.

The suggestion was to relegate empty domain literals to an obs-
contruct, which means that parsing would not change, but it would
be come a MUST NOT generate construct.  There need not be any
syntax checks for any parser w.r.t. this issue; any software
generating a domain literal would need to take some appropriate

Moving it to obs- syntax doesn't kill it, but it does declare it
as a wart.