Re: empty quoted strings and other oddities

Keith Moore <> Tue, 01 October 2002 15:13 UTC

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Subject: Re: empty quoted strings and other oddities
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> RFC 2822 permits (as did 822) a quoted string which
> consists solely of a pair of DQUOTE characters.  It's
> not clear what the semantics of that are or ought to be.

it doesn't have to have semantics, since quoted-strings
can be used in places where they are opaque.  if someone wants their 
email address to be "" this is perfectly legal.

> Likewise, a domain literal can consist solely of the
> square brackets.

so? there are lots of addresses which are valid syntax but 
not valid because the domain is not defined or the IP
address (in the domain literal) does not exist or is not
assigned to a host.