Additional Info for IETF-Announce Maillist transfer

The IETF Secretariat <> Mon, 29 March 2004 15:36 UTC

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Subject: Additional Info for IETF-Announce Maillist transfer
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 10:13:40 -0500
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Hello.  A couple people wrote in asking   (Quoted anonymously without

> "I have just checked all the 
> messages exchanged with on that occasion: no
> was given to me for unsubscribing. So which password do you expect me
> enter when I unsubscribe to"

Near the bottom of this page:

You will find something that says I-D-Announce Subscribers
enter in the e-mail address that you use for ietf-announce (Majordomo).

{Note, substitute IETF-Announce where appropriate}

Then click on edit options.  This will bring you to a page where you can
unsubscribe and change your options for subscription.  But as many have
found out, I did not send out the passwords.  The reason will be
explained later.

On that page, you will see "Forgotten Your Password?"  Click the button
that says "Email My Password To Me".

Even though you did not technically forget your password, you can still
go ahead and use this same button to get your new password.  Trust me on
this one, it's ok.  :-)

Why didn't I spam several thousand people with a password?

1) Many people know how to use mailman, so they retrieved the passwords
themselves if they cared to do so.

2) By educated guess, I figured most of the people would stay on the
list for at least a week, at which time their password (First of every
month) would get auto-sent to them along with all of the other WG

In additional news, since there are sub-lists subscribed to I-D &
IETF-Announce lists now, the "Sub-list" maintainers may want prevent
list password from being passed along to sub-subscribers.  Here is a
procmail rule that could help you.

* ^Subject:.ietf\.org.mailing.list.memberships.reminder

This is provided as is, as a courtesy, as procmail.  I don't know how to
accomplish this on your TRS-80 running BeOS.  :-)