Please comment on IAOC candidates be appointed by the IESG

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Subject: Please comment on IAOC candidates be appointed by the IESG
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As described in BCP 101 (RFC 4071) and BCP 113 (RFC 4333),
the IESG and the IAB each select one person for a two-year IAOC
term in alternate years. This year, the IESG will select one person
for a term beginning in March 2010.

Following the call for nominations, which ran through 16 November 2009,
the IESG contacted each person that was nominated, asking them to accept
or reject the nomination.  At this point, two people have indicated a
willingness to serve. They are:

        Ole Jacobsen    
        Tom Walsh       

The IESG is actively soliciting confidential comments on these people
and their ability to serve on the IAOC. The IESG needs to receive these
comments by 14 December 2009 in order to make a timely selection.
Please send comments to  (Note that NomCom will also
be selecting a person  to serve on the IAOC for a two year term.)

On behalf of the IESG,
  Russ Housley
  IESG Chair

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From: The IESG <>
To: IETF Announcement list <>
Subject: IAOC Member Selection
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 13:14:32 -0700 (PDT)

Ole Jacobsen is the IAOC member that was appointed by the IESG, and
his two-year term is up in March.  The IESG is starting the process
to fill this seat in March 2010, with the term ending in March 2012.

The IESG is responsible for filling one seat every other year.  BCP 101

  The IAOC shall consist of eight voting members who shall be selected
  as follows:

  o Two members appointed by the IETF Nominations Committee (NomCom);

  o One member appointed by the IESG;

  o One member appointed by the IAB;

  o One member appointed by the ISOC Board of Trustees;

  o The IETF Chair (ex officio);

  o The IAB Chair (ex officio);

  o The ISOC President/CEO (ex officio).

Desirable Qualifications and Selection Criteria

Candidates for the IAOC position should have a demonstrable involvement
in the IETF, knowledge of contracts and financial procedures, awareness
of the administrative support needs of the IAB, the IESG, and the IETF
standards process.  The candidate is also expected to understand the
respective roles and responsibilities of the IETF and ISOC in IASA, and
be able to articulate these roles within the IETF community.

The candidate must be able to exercise all the duties of an IAOC Board
member, including fiduciary responsibilities, setting of policies,
oversight of the administrative operations of the IETF, representing
the interests of the IETF, and participating in IAOC meetings and

The candidate must be able to serve as a Trustee for the IETF Trust.

Although the IESG selects this member of the IAOC, the selected member
does not directly represent the IESG.  The IESG-selected member is
accountable directly to the IETF community.

Nominations and eligibility

The IESG is making a public call for nominations.  Self-nominations
are permitted.  All IETF participants, including working group chairs,
IETF NomCom members, IAB members, and IESG members are eligible for
nomination.  Of course, IAB and IESG members who accept nomination will
recuse themselves from selection and confirmation discussions.  Please
send nominations to  Please include the following with
each nomination:

  - Name

  - Contact information

  - Candidate background and qualifications


The IESG will publish the list of nominated persons prior to making a
decision, allowing time for the community to provide any relevant
comments to the IESG.

The IESG will review the nomination material, any comments provided by
the community, and make a selection.


The IAB will act as the confirming body for the selection.  In the
event that the IAB determines not to confirm the nominated candidate,
the IAB will provide the IESG with the basis for this determination and
the IESG will nominate another candidate.

Care of Personal Information

The following procedures will be used in managing candidates' personal

  - The list of candidate names will be published at the close of the
    nominations period.  A candidate that refuses the nomination will
    not be included on the list.

  - Excerpts of the information provided to the IESG by the nominated
    candidate will be passed to the IAB as part of the confirmation
    process. The IAB will be requested to maintain confidentiality of
    candidate information.

  - Except as noted above, all information provided to the IESG during
    this process will be kept as confidential to the IESG.


The two-week nominations period will open on 2 November 2009, and close
on 16 November 2009.

The list of candidates will be posted shortly after the nominations
close, and the community will have two weeks to provide comments on the
candidates to the IESG.

The IESG will make a selection on the IESG telechat following the
comment period and send the name of the selected candidate to the IAB
for confirmation.

On behalf of the IESG,
  Russ Housley
  IESG Chair