Monthly Report for the IAOC for May, 2005

Brian Carpenter <> Fri, 10 June 2005 11:31 UTC

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Subject: Monthly Report for the IAOC for May, 2005
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(Posted for Lucy Lynch, IAOC Chair)

Monthly Report for the IAOC for May, 2005.

The IETF Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC) was formed

    to provide appropriate direction to the IAD [IETF Administrative
    Director], to review the IAD's regular reports, and to oversee
    IASA functions to ensure that the administrative needs of the IETF
    community are being properly met."

The IAOC is charged by BCP 101 with providing regular reports to the IETF
community; this monthly report is intended to serve as part of this
reporting requirement.

The current membership is (in alphabetical order):

   Brian Carpenter, IETF Chair, ex officio.
   Steve Crocker, appointed by the ISOC Board of Trustees for two years.
   Leslie Daigle, IAB Chair, ex officio.
   Kurtis Lindqvist, appointed by the IESG for one year.
   Lucy Lynch, appointed by the IAB for two years.
   Lynn St Amour, ISOC President/CEO, ex officio.

Two additional members are to be provided by the NomCom; this selection
process is still underway.

The IAOC conducts regular (presently weekly) teleconferences, for which
minutes are currently available at

The work conducted by the IAOC during the month of May centered on the
following areas : hiring of the IAD, establishment of a Trust for IETF
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), establishment of a contract for
Secretariat Services, and resolving logistical and housekeeping details
associated with the start of a new oversight body and a new employee.

IAD Hiring :

In December of 2004, the IASA Transition Team developed a position
description for the IETF Administrative Director (IAD) based on documents
and discussion developed as part of the AdminRest effort

The IETF Administrative Director Job Announcement was posted to on Tuesday, January 18th, 2005. The position was also posted
on the ISOC web site. Additional copies were distributed via email to
operator and RIR mailing lists (NANOG, LACNIC, NORDNOG, AFNOG, APNIC,
ARIN, RIPE, SANOG), and to local ISOC chapter mailing lists.

Review of applications began on February 15th, and a second call for
applications was made in late February. The received timely applications
from 71 candidates and of those 9 self identified as Ms/Miss/Mrs Mme, 5
self identified as Dr/Prof, and 5 selected no title. Applicants came from
29 countries, and 28 listed the USA as their current residence. Other
countries listed included: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany,
Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Netherlands, Nigeria,
Pakistan, Palestine, Paraguay, Peru, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan,
Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad/Tobago, United Kingdom, Venezuela, and

The IASA-TT did three rounds of paper screenings in early March and a
group of candidates was selected for telephone interviews based on
qualifications. Those interviews were conducted in late March by the
IASA-TT. The IAOC was formally seated the first week in April and decided
to bring a small pool of candidates in for a second round of in-depth
interviews. The selected candidates were asked to provide references from
former employers (2), former employees (2), and from professional or
personal contacts (2). Individual members of the IAOC then conducted
interviews with references by phone and debriefed with the group.

The format for the in-depth interview required candidates to review the
BCP and to monitor recent postings to Interviews were
conducted during the second week of May and each candidate participated in
a combined phone/face-to-face meeting with members of the IAOC. Candidates
were questioned on their understanding of the proposed IETF restructuring
and to share their observations and reactions to current issues (as viewed
via This process yielded several strong candidates and
provided the IAOC with some interesting feedback on what our process looks
like from the outside.

The final selection process once again involved a phone interview and an
assignment. Candidates were asked to prepare a short written presentation
and members of the IAB and IESG were invited to participate in the
telechat based delivery of these materials. IAB and IESG members then had
a chance to question each of the candidates directly. The IAOC solicited
feedback from these "audience members" and made a final evaluation based
on qualifications, reference checks, candidate presentations, and group
feedback. A decision was made to offer the position to Ray Pelletier and
he accepted the offer from the ISOC and started on May 31..

As IAD, Pelletier will take charge of a number of activities that the IETF
depends on for smooth operation, such as oversight of its global budget,
meeting planning, secretariat, document publication, and parameter
assignment. Most of these activities are carried out for the IETF by other
organizations under various forms of agreement; Pelletier will be
responsible for reviewing and establishing those agreements and for future
bidding processes.

Pelletier has extensive leadership and management experience across the
breadth of public, private, for-profit, non-profit, and volunteer
organizations. As Director of Information Systems for the Navy Jag Corps
he was responsible for managing a $10 million worldwide automation
program. In his role as Executive Director for the Northern Virginia
Technology Council he successfully managed the organizational development
and operational support of a fast growing membership association, the
Northern Virginia Technology Council (

The IAOC felt that it had a number of highly qualified applicants for this
position and it very much appreciates the care and commitment that the
individuals interviewed demonstrated throughout the process, and wished to
extend its thanks to everyone who participated.

IPR Trust :

The IAOC received on May 5th a new draft Trust Agreement from CNRI and is
in the process of preparing a response. The IAOC expects that a revised
Trust Agreement will be sent to CNRI in early June.

Contract for Secretariat Services :

At present, there is no outstanding contract for the services provided by
the IETF Secretariat. The IAOC is empowered by the BCP 101 to execute such
a contract and is pursuing this matter vigorously. The IETF Secretariat is
hosted by Foretec Seminars Inc., a subsidiary of the Corporation for
National Research Initiatives (CNRI). Foretec is currently in the process
of being sold to NeuStar, Inc. Assuming that this sale is completed, the
IAOC intends to contract with NeuStar, if mutually acceptable terms can be
reached, to provide these services for a term not to exceed 2 years, with
subsequent terms being contracted under a formal Request for Proposals.
The IAOC held a meeting on May 19th with Mark Foster of NeuStar, together
with legal counsel. The IAOC is currently awaiting a new draft contract
from NeuStar for Secretariat services.

Housekeeping :

The IAOC has decided that at least three web sites are appropriate for its
work; an official web site hosted by the IETF Secretariat for official
announcements, a private wiki space for internal working documents, and a
regularly-updated public copy of the non-sensitive parts of the wiki
workspace. The IAOC set up the new e-mail alias for the IAD (
and prepared announcements to the community and to the Press about the new

Lucy E. Lynch 				Academic User Services
Computing Center			University of Oregon
llynch		(541) 346-1774

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