Second (of three) NomCom 2021-2022 Call for Volunteers

NomCom Chair 2021 <> Wed, 09 June 2021 03:41 UTC

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Subject: Second (of three) NomCom 2021-2022 Call for Volunteers
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This is the second (of three) call for volunteers for the 2021-2022 NomCom.
I wanted to mention a few updates from the previous email (sent 2 weeks ago):

 - Unlike previous IETFs (e.g., IETF 108 a year ago) for IETF 111 the registration form
   does not (yet) include a checkbox that will let you volunteer (instead of emailing me).

 - However, the email can be a very short 3 line message (see below). 

 - Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far. However, we currently only have 
   56 volunteers. We need many more. So, please, please volunteer.


The IETF NomCom appoints people to fill the open slots on the IETF LLC,
IETF Trust, the IAB, and the IESG.

Ten voting members for the NomCom are selected in a verifiably random
way from a pool of volunteers. The more volunteers, the better chance we
have of choosing a random yet representative cross section of the IETF

The details of the operation of the NomCom can be found in BCP 10 (RFC
8713). RFC 3797 details the selection algorithm.

Special for this year RFC 8989 (one-off update to RFC 8713 / BCP 10)
tells us who is eligible to volunteer as anyone who satisfies any of the
three following conditions:

	Path 1: The person has attended 3 out of the last 5 IETF meetings,
	including meetings held entirely online. For the 2021-2022 NomCom, 
	the meetings concerned will be IETF 106, 107, 108, 109, and 110

	Path 2: The person has been a Working Group Chair or Secretary within
	the 3 years prior to the day the first call for NomCom volunteers is sent 
	to the community

	Path 3: The person has been a listed author or editor (on the front
	page) of at least two IETF Stream RFCs within the last 5 years prior to 
	the day the call for NomCom volunteers is sent to the community. An 
	Internet-Draft that has been approved by the IESG and is in the RFC 
	Editor queue counts the same as a published RFC, with the relevant date being
	the date the draft was added to the RFC Editor queue. 

[Normative details are in RFC8989.]

You can check your eligibility at: 
(after logging in, you will see your eligibility displayed in the field 
"Nomcom Eligible").

If you qualify, please volunteer as explained below. However, please
remember that anyone appointed to this NomCom will not be considered as
a candidate for any of the positions that the 2021-2022 NomCom is
responsible for filling.

Details of Positions to Be Filled (some details to be finalized)

An asterisk (*) next to a person's name indicates they do not intend to accept renomination.

LLC Board (3-year term)
• Jason Livingood

IETF Trust (3-year term)
• Kathleen Moriarty

IAB (2-year term) 
• Ben Campbell     
• Cullen Jennings
• Mirja Kühlewind
• Jared Mauch
• Tommy Pauly
• Jiankang Yao     

IESG (2-year term)
• Murray Kucherawy, ART AD
• Erik Kline, INT AD
• Robert Wilton, OPS AD
• Martin Vigoureux, RTG AD
• Benjamin Kaduk, SEC AD *
• Martin Duke, TSV AD
The primary activity for this NomCom will begin in July 2021 and should
be completed by January 2022.  The NomCom will have regularly scheduled
conference calls to ensure progress. There will be activities to collect
requirements from the community, review candidate questionnaires, review
feedback from community members about candidates, and talk to

While being a NomCom member does require some time commitment it is also
a very rewarding experience.

As a member of the NomCom it is very important that you be willing and
able to attend meetings either remotely or in-person during IETF 112
(Madrid 6-12 November 2021) to conduct interviews. Remote attendance
will be supported whether or not there are in-person meetings.
Orientation and setting of the NomCom schedule will be done by
videoconference during the week 26-30 July (exact time and date to be
determined after NomCom membership is finalized on July 15), prior to
IETF 111. 

Please volunteer by sending me an email before 23:59 UTC on Wednesday
June 23, 2021, as follows:

Subject: NomCom 2021-22 Volunteer

Please include the following information in the email body:

Your Full Name:
    // as you write it on the IETF registration form

Current Primary Affiliation:
    // Typically what goes in the Company field
    // in the IETF Registration Form

   // Email addresses used to register for the past 5 IETF meetings
   // Preferred email address first

You should expect an email response from me within 5 business days
stating whether or not you are qualified.  If you don't receive this
response, please re-send your email with the tag "RESEND"" added to the
subject line.

If you are not yet sure if you would like to volunteer, please consider
that NomCom members play a very important role in shaping the leadership
of the IETF.  Questions by email or voice are welcome. Volunteering for
the NomCom is a great way to contribute to the IETF!

You can find a detailed timeline on the NomCom web site at:

Within the next few weeks, I may add more details on the timeline, as
well as details of the randomness seeds to be used for the RFC 3797
selection process.

Thank you!

Gabriel Montenegro
nomcom-chair-2021 at ietf dot org