Scenario C or Scenario O ? - I say let us go for C !

"Wijnen, Bert (Bert)" <> Thu, 23 September 2004 09:59 UTC

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Subject: Scenario C or Scenario O ? - I say let us go for C !
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So what we need is more people from the IETF community to speak up
and tell us what they think. This is an important decision we (as IETF)
need to make, and we better make it sooner than later. 

I am surprised to see so few people react. So may I ask: 

  ALL IETFers, PLEASE DO REVIEW the scenario O and C writeups
  and please do send your feedback so that we (as IETF) can make
  a sound decision that is supported by the majority of our community.

Maybe it was/is not clear yet where I stand myself.

So here it is:

>From what I have seen/read sofar, my preference is to go for Scenario C. 
Yes, Scenario O seems somewhat simpler. 
Yes, Scenario O seems acceptable today.

But I seriously believe that in the long run, a Scenario C is the better
and more solid option.

My personal view on this is that if we just look at TODAY, then I can say
that I can live with scenario O. But in the future, we could end up in the
same or a similar boat as where we are today (see my response to Scott
Bradner on 4th of Sept to this list for details). At that future time I may
not be around anymore. But I want to create the "best future for my children"
so to speak. That is why I am prepared to take the risks that we have
described in Scenario C. We need to work more on that to understand them
better and to take precautions and measure to mitigate them. We need to
work/discuss with ISOC what that means in terms of our continued close 
relationship (ISOC, IETF and also IASF) and clearly document that. We all
have the same goals when it comes to standardizing the Internet Protocols.

Most important to me... we better choose one of the scenarios, so we
can start working on the details and implementation!

Again, please post your comments/concerns and/or preferences.


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