Other protocols in IDRP

Susan Hares <skh@merit.edu> Mon, 08 March 1993 16:49 UTC

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Subject: Other protocols in IDRP
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Steve, Bob, Christian, and  Paul:

	I'm working on an implementation of IDRP in gated.
I've currently got it passing ISO routes, and I'm about to
add IP routes.   I am working on getting dual IDRP demonstration
as part of the joint IDRP for IP/BGP working group.

	If you are interested in getting your protocol  passed
over IDRP, I could try to to add this to the demonstration.  I'm
working lots and lots of hours to try to get the IP and CLNP, so I cannot
guarantee this - but I'd like to try.

If you can select an appropriate Identifier for your
protocols and give me some sample routes,  I will try debugging
SIP/IP/PIP/IPAE style routes during the next few weeks.
One restriction:
	Carrying the routes in IDRP is do-able. 
	Add a new forwarding tree and gated
	routing tree for the routes is difficult
	and time consuming.

	I will select a ISO prefix to map your
	addresses onto so I can stick the
	routes into gated. 

If you are interested, it would be VERY helpful to
get the information requested below within a few days.
I'll need the weeks to debug.


			Susan Hares

Cut here for information needed:

IDRP carries network addresses in a field called Network
Layer Reachability Information.  The information is carried in 
the following Sequences:

	Proto_type (1 octet)
	Proto_length (1 octet)
	protocol (variable)
	Address_length (1 octet)
	Addr_info (variable)

I need a sample format of your addresses in this style format. 
Please send me a sample format.
The proto_type is either:

	ISO TR 9577 IPI/SPI (1) - naming by ISO for protocol (ip has name)
	ISO 8802 LSAP (2) - naming by 8802 LSAP number

Proto_length  indicates the length of the protocol identifier in 
octets. Protocol identifier indicates the identifier.

For demonstration purposes, you could pick either protocol type,
and any protocol value except 81 and 85.   Since we will
be in control of both sides, it is simply a configuration matter
upon building gated.

If you are trying to be administrative
correct, Lyman may be able to tell you how to get an ISO TR 9577 number.
Or you can give me an ISO 8802 LSAP number. 

The Address length specifies the total length of octests of information.
The address information is given in <length in bits> <value> for
each address. 

Please send configurations for 2 machines with 4 address 
each in your notes.