Re: Procedural question (Re: SIP API spec)

Frank T Solensky <> Wed, 27 January 1993 17:16 UTC

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From: Frank T Solensky <>
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Subject: Re: Procedural question (Re: SIP API spec)
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>Making any interface specification a part of the standard, either a
>generic one as you suggest, or a specific one as was recently posted
>to the SIP list, is a very very bad idea. At least as far as the IETF

The intent of the document is more along the lines of an informational RFC
rather than selecting or specifying a standard API:  it'll reinforce the
notion that API will be affected, regardless of which one becomes IPv7.

>The SIP API spec was written as a BSD-Socket interface. What about
>those environments that use Streams?

Good point -- this should be added.  Anyone know of any other common APIs
other than these two?

>What about environments that use
>their own interfaces -- where neither Sockets nor Streams are available?

The RFC would also emphasize the underlying concepts so that the reader
can see the reasoning behind each delta and extrapolate it into their own
							-- Frank