Procedural question (Re: SIP API spec)

Frank T Solensky <> Wed, 27 January 1993 16:15 UTC

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From: Frank T Solensky <>
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Subject: Procedural question (Re: SIP API spec)
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Hi --

	I've been thinking: most of the transition issues with all of the
major IPv7 proposals need to deal with similar changes at the API level.
(I had also indicated to the TUBA group at the last IETF that I'd write a
similar spec from a perspective outside of any one of the proposals, but the
day job tends to get in the way).

	What I'd like to suggest is that this document serve that purpose:
instead of referencing SIP specifically, we could refer to a "Better
Internet Protocol (BIP)" and only refer to specific proposals as needed.

	Before getting down to the details on how this would affect the spec,
I thought I'd just mention this idea first to see what the general consensus
							-- Frank