Re: SIP/IPAE Interoperability Testing Event Summary

Christian Huitema <> Fri, 26 March 1993 08:27 UTC

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Congratulation for one brilliant demonstration.

I am sorry INRIA could not be ready for the event. As mentioned several
times, we dont have enough man power available here. Testing kernel code
cannot be done as a part time activity... and I had not engaged in such
activities since 1986!

The version which I recently sent to Bob and Steve has been tested "locally".
It includes configuration tools for setting IPAE "tunnels" + managing
rooutes, and also a SIP "ping" utility. However I have strange bugs when
activating the tunnels; packets are sent over IP but dont show up at the other
end + repeated sendings crash the kernel. It is probably a very trivial bug in
the code, most probably related to memory handling, and a couple of days of
testing would be sufficient to fix it. Problem is that I don't have this man
power available.

As I mentioned, the version which we develop requires minimal kernel
modifications -- this was in fact the objective. A set of sip modules (declared
in the "netinet" directory of the BSD sources) implement SIP routing + the SIP
specific protocols: ICMP, IGMP, LSR and segmentation. These modules, and a SIP
domain protocol tables, have to be declared in "in_proto.c". So, if anybody
has enough spare time to test them, he is welcomed to share the glory...

Christian Huitema