SIP/IPAE Status Report

Bob Hinden <> Fri, 19 March 1993 20:55 UTC

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Attached is copy of the status report sent to the IESG Internet Area


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IPAE and SIP Status
17 March 1993

1) Implementations

  OS                    Organization                Status
  -------               ------------                ----------------------

  Solaris               Sun                         Completed (telnet, ftp,
                                                    tftp, ping)

  BSD 4.3               INRIA                       In progress.

  DOS/Windows           Beame & Whiteside           Software Completed (telnet,
                                                    ftp, tftp)

  Mac OS                Intercon                    In Progress

  VMS                   TGV                         Testing.

  IRIX                  Silicon Graphics            In progress.

  KA9Q                  Sun                         In progress.

  TOOLS                 Organization                Status
  -------               ------------                ----------------------

  NetVisualizer         Silicon Graphics            Completed.

  Sniffer               Network General             In Progress.

  Snoop                 Sun                         Testing in progress

  MISC                  Organization                Status
  -------               ------------                ----------------------
  Bind                  INRIA                       Code done, needs

2) Documentation

  "SIP: A Simple Internet Protocol", S. Deering, to be published in May '93
  IEEE Network.

  "SIP Program Interfaces for BSD Systems", R. Gilligan, to be published as
  an Internet Draft.

  "SIP-RIP", G. Malkin, C. Huitema, Internet Draft,

  "IDRP for IP", S. Hares, to be published as an Internet Draft.

  "Simple Internet Protocol (SIP) Specification", S. Deering, Internet
  Draft, draft-deering-sip-00.txt.

  "IP Address Encapsulation (IPAE): A Mechanism for Introducing a New IP",
  R. Hinden, D. Crocker, Internet Draft, draft-crocker-ip-encaps-01.txt.

  "IPv7 Criteria Analysis for IP Address Encapsulation (IPAE) and the
  Simple Internet Protocol (SIP)", R. Hinden, S. Deering, D. Crocker,
  Internet Draft, draft-ietf-ipae-ipv7-criteria-00.txt.

3) Integration 

  Definition of a SIP address record (AA) for DNS. Draft available from

  Developed a simple technique to support the FTP PORT command in 2-party
  and some 3-party FTP transactions without any change to the protocol.
  The PORT command is used by the FTP client to pass a 32 bit IPv4 address
  for the server to use in making the data connection. The FTP server
  generates the SIP destination address for the data connection by
  concatenating the high-order 32 bits of the client's SIP address with the
  32 bit IPv4 address passed in FTP's PORT command.

  In the Sun prototype, implemented full binary compatibility for exiting
  IPv4 applications.  Existing IPv4 applications that passively accept TCP
  connections or receive UDP datagrams can accept connections or datagrams
  that arrive via any of the three internet datagram formats: IPv4, IPAE or
  SIP.  Existing IPv4 applications that transmit UDP datagrams or actively
  open TCP connections will generate traffic that uses the IPv4 form only.

4) Work in Progress

  Proposal for address resolution and discovery loosely based on ES-IS and
  ARP has been developed and is being discussed.

  A proposal for a new ICMP "Destination has Moved" message is being
  designed to deal with mobile hosts and for domains that change their
  address prefix.

  A study is available from Ran Atkinson on integration of SP3 over SIP.
  Work is underway to produce specification.

  A rough draft of a SIP Sensitivity Label Option has been distributed to
  the mailing list.  It is titled "SIPSO, A Generic SIP Sensitivity
  Labeling Option".

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