TUBA demo status

Dave Crocker <dcrocker@mordor.stanford.edu> Sun, 28 March 1993 04:26 UTC

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Date:    Sat, 27 Mar 93 06:00:19 MST
To:      tuba@lanl.gov
From:    peter@tuba.lanl.gov (Peter Ford)
Subject: Interoperation testing of TUBA

Thanks to the work you have put in, we have been able to put together
some interesting demonstrations of TUBA.

	We have Telnet running over TUBA over CLNP switched native and 
	encapsulated over IP(eon).

	We have successfully run TUBA over CLNP over a catenet of 
	four separate networks all running native CLNP (Los Alamos,
	ESnet, SURAnet, NIST).

	We have Colella's NCSA telnet speaking to a telnet server running 
	on a Unix(tm) box here at Los Alamos, using Keith Sklower's
	version of TUBA.  (modulo a few bugs ...)

	We have NCSA telnet speaking to two implementations of 
	TUBA running on router platforms.

	It looks like Keith has got SMTP running over tuba ...

I would like to thank the people who have helped make this happen.  My 
list is certainly not exhaustive!

	Richard Colella
	Dino Farinacci and the rest of the Cisco gang
	Keith Sklower 
	Francis Dupont (Inria) 
	The NOCs of ESnet, SURAnet, ANS & Merit, NIST and LANL

	and many others ...

I will be bringing out a PC running UNIX(tm)  to the Columbus IETF.



P.S.  This message is being typed over a TUBA telnet session.

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