Phone in procedure, for Thursday

Dave Crocker <> Tue, 02 March 1993 03:03 UTC

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Subject: Phone in procedure, for Thursday
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If you want to participate in the Thursday IPAE meeting, here is the
dial-in procedure.  (I'm still checking on access from outside of the
U.S.  If you are anywhere except Toronto, please let me know.)

Once again, many thanks to MCI for providing this assistance.


------- Forwarded Message

 The bridge is set up
for Thursday, March 4, 1993, from 10:15 to 3:15 (CST). The number to call is
1-800-857-9750, passcode 2264.

Please note that some changes have been made to the conference calling
procedure, as they are no longer operator assisted. 

1) Call the bridge number (1-800-857-9750 for this bridge)
2) You will hear music followed by several short beeps
3) Following the beeps, enter the passcode number (2264 for this bridge)
4) Once connected, announce yourself to the other bridge members

------- End of Forwarded Message