the tuba-ites demo

Tom Kessler <> Fri, 16 July 1993 18:46 UTC

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Subject: the tuba-ites demo
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I thought you all might find this interesting (what they got running,
what they'll leave running and so on). My appologies to those of
you who are on both lists.

Subject: Yet another successful TUBA demo
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1993 16:33:19 +0200


Well, the 27th IETF meeting has come to an end. And so is the TUBA
demonstration. However, this will not mean that everybody can shutdown
their machines. I have been running TUBA systems for a few months now,
and i will keep them up. And i am sure that you all will too, because
we are fanatics (with an attitude, so i have learned this week).
TUBA demonstrations are already planned for Interop august, Interop
october and 28th IETF november. If you have CLNS connectivity, please
join our group. If you don't, threaten your service provider to turn
it on. As a last resort you can also use CLNS tunneling over IP.

BUT, use tunneling only as a last resort. It lowers performance and 
generates more IP traffic, which is not what we want. We want to 
boost CLNS traffic with TUBA FTP and TUBA servers, like
and the one i will set up at PTT Research.

This demonstration counted about 20 CLNS networks and about 40 hosts/
routers. I'd like to see these numbers rise to about 40 networks with
200 hosts before the next IETF  meeting. I think it's possible, don't
you? I have heard already that more people are eager to join, so this
won't be a problem.

Now for something that George Chang gave me to write down. If i decipher
this correctly it says something like this:

- -----
"As the coordinators of the TUBA demonstration at the 27th IETF meeting
in Amsterdam, we would like to thank all who contributed and participated
in this demo. We specifically would like to thank many who contributed
their time at the demo site itself by making it a memorable and successful
event. These include: Richard Colella, Cyndi Jung, Dino Farinacci,
David Katz, Victor Reijs, Marcel Wiget, Peter Ford, Mark Knopper and 
Francis Dupont (in random order).

As an anonymous poet said, the TUBA demonstration in Amsterdam is only
the beginning of a TUBA ensemble. We will continue to blow our horns
until the sweet sound of TUBA is heard everywhere."

George & Alex
- -----

More work:

DNS access over CLNP. (DNS queries for NSAPs rose with a factor of
10 in the last two weeks. If we don't have CLNP access to DNSs this
will only increase IP traffic).

TUBA SMTP. As soon as this is working, we will set up a mailing
list over TUBA SMTP (for BSD and hopfully SunOS systems). Peter
Ford is even thinking about X over TUBA (Wow!)

Push service providers to run native CLNP. Ebone has announced
that they will do so. EuropaNET has this already running for several
months with success.

CLNP<->IP gateways. Francis is doing a very good job on this!

More implementations. We are trying to get TUBA on MACs and running
under MS Windows. If you have graduate students who can handle this,
we would be VERY grateful. Don't just participate passively, but
ACT! (BTW, new implementations should be in the public domain or
at least be available at a moderate cost. I for one am a Windows
freak, so i would be the first to use a Windows version) This does
NOT mean that i don't appreciate the work that Richard is doing on
his MS-DOS based NCSA implementation. I think that this TUBA
implementation could well be the most used one for a long time.
I have been using it for quite some time without it crashing on me.
Thanks Richard!

IDRP and Integrated ISIS. It became painfully obvious for the router
vendors that there is a real need for IDRP NOW. Customers don't want
to use patches like global ISIS for inter-domain routing. EuropaNET
reacted much earlier and will have IDRP running internally this month.

I wrote this down of the top of my head. I have probably forgotten to
thank someone and did not write down all the work that needs to be done.
Please excuse me for this, but this week has been very hectic.

As a final remark. I noticed during this week that there was little or
no interest in the TP/IX or PIP area. I guess this leaves only SIP and
TUBA. And i have noticed that Europe is on the avarage only interested
in TUBA. This looks very promising.

Last, but not least:

SURFnet and PTT Research are at this moment running TUBA on all their
routers. The routing protocol we use is Integrated ISIS. We have set
the example. Let the rest follow!

- - Alex

P.S. David, how about those T-shirts?
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