A TUBA self-view

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Please note that I'm only forwarding this from the TUBA list.
I wouldn't dream of adding any commentary.



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I came across an article in our local paper, with the above title
which is very apposite. Here are some extracts:

"There is something special about the Tuba, it stands out through
its sheer size, and the noise it creates.

The one thing you need for Tuba is a big lung capacity.

Technically, it isn't all that difficult.

Lung capacity is the clincher.

Most Tuba-ites are less than five-foot-eight.

The diminutive size may explain the speed and agility they

A lot of Tuba-ites end up being even shorter than that.

Tuba players are often the shortest members of the bandut
Tuba-ites must be good natured and able to take a lot of ribbing.

The general public now knows the the Tuba is nothing to be
laughed at."

End of excerpts from the Ottawa Citizen, March 22, 1993.

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